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Trends and fads fade, but beauty routines that deliver effective results should stick around forever. That's why we offer you proven techniques and routines to a truly flawless you. Are you ready to get the results you've always wanted? Dive into a new and beautiful you with Oriflame’s essential beauty routines!


Your skin battles bacteria, pollutants, dirt and accumulates dead skin cells throughout the day. By trusting in an effective, deep cleansing routine, you can help remove any impurities, while refreshing your skin and letting it breathe. Choose regular and effective CLEANSING from Oriflame for long-lasting, beautiful skin.

Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleansing is a key step in removing impurities. Use a cleanser in the morning and evening, massage into skin, then wash away with warm water to remove any impurities and free-up your skin for the rest of your routine.


Step 2 - Tone

Toning works as both a method of removing any residual impurities while also balancing your pH levels and hydrating the skin. Wet a pad and wipe across your face to effectively dampen your skin like a sponge, optimizing your pores for your eye cream, serum and all-day, or all-night moisturizer.


Step 3 - Hydrate

Hydration is the fastest and best way to glowing and healthy-looking skin. Always start with an eye cream. It nourishes the sensitive skin under your eyes that needs essential and delicate attention. Afterwards, apply a moisturizer, preferably containing SPF, as it will protect you against sun damage during the day. While at night, choose deeply hydrating formulas that rest on the skin and replenish its youthful glow.



Learning what works best for you in your make-up routine is the key to achieving perfect results every time. That’s why Oriflame provides you with exceptional formulas and tools to make “getting to perfection” that much simpler and faster. This routine will help you understand the basics of a flawless foundation that you can then enhance with your own bold looks, or subtle elegance. Try something new and beautiful with Oriflame.

Step 1 - Prime

Primer is the single, key ingredient to long lasting, flawless make-up. Not only does it help tighten your pores, giving your skin the look of perfection, but it also keeps make-up on longer by preventing your foundation from breaking down due to oily skin. Simply apply all over face before foundation and concealer.


Step 2 - Conceal

If you have dark circles or imperfections, choose concealer to brighten and even out your skin tone. Apply just under the eyes and target blemishes with a light pat after application, and just before foundation. Reapply if necessary after foundation for truly flawless and effective coverage.


Step 3 - Finish

When applying foundation, start at the center of your face and work outwards, blending and smoothing any inconsistencies, for a natural finish. Be sure to then check your make-up in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, as your perfect shade will blend seamlessly and give you the perfect base for bold lines, glowing blush, and the shade of lipstick that’s made just for you.



Fragrance is the last and final touch to a picture-perfect day. Not only does it smell good, but it also makes you feel better and more confident throughout your day. Help your fragrance last longer with the perfect balance of body cream, roll-on and your favourite fragrance from Oriflame.

Step 1 - Moisturise

Freshly cleansed skin is the perfect canvas for a long-lasting fragrance. Your skin’s pores are open and optimized to lock in your scent and won’t evaporate quickly since your skin is properly nourished.


Step 2 - Prevent

Prevent unpleasant underarm odours when you follow your moisturizer with a swipe of fragrant deodorant from your favourite fragrance. This layering technique will further strengthen your fragrance, while keeping you fresh.


Step 3 - Perfume

As the final touch to your beauty routine, lightly mist your body with a fragrance that matches. Your layered scent will lock in your fragrance and reinforce your moisturizing routine, without overpowering your scent. Be irresistible with a routine that keeps you fresh and beautiful all day long.



Use our proven methods to pinpoint heat spots that will deliver long-lasting and refreshing results.

Step 1 - Target

Behind the ear and on your hair is actually the best place to optimize your fragrance. The spot just behind your ear is a pulse point that will, through heat, active your perfume, while strands of hair found just nearby keep your fragrance on for longer, attaching to the scent with ease.

Step 2 - Mist

Your neckline is another place best misted with your favourite fragrance. The skin on your neck gives your perfume plenty of room to rest and develop throughout the day. Be sure to spray into the air and walk through the mist for a delicate, yet irresistible scent.

Step 3 - Dab

Heat is what activates perfume. Pulse points are areas on the body that emit heat, which helps fragrances activate and develop faster. A concentrated dab of fragrance, when applied to active pulse points will give you the perfect final touch to your beauty routine.