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Due to your kind participation in the Oriflame initiative to support children in need last Ramadan 2015, Oriflame Egypt was able to collect a huge amount of money from donating the value of each membership fees that registered during Ramadan and directed it to the Egyptian food bank in favour of "The School Feeding Program".

Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this fantastic initiative that left a great impact on communities and the education of children within them. Your support has helped them receive healthy nutrition, the basic of any child growth. Continuing in our belief of building communities and supporting child education, Oriflame Egypt has decided to donate the the value of selected product sales from Oriflame portfolio during the holy month of Ramadan and direct it to, "The School Feeding Program". Where the food bank has established a kitchen in the poorest schools to provide a healthy hot meal every day.

Some of Egypt’s poor families aren’t able to afford suitable food for their children, which sadly causes a number of them to die and effects others with disease that can stunt development due to malnutrition. As a result, this leads to a low rate of concentration, which in turn leads to an increase in failure rates amongst students.

Oriflame will continue to support the education of children, because children are the dream of the future.