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For more than 50 years, Oriflame has worked together with nature and technology to create a premium skin care line tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for anti-ageing formulas, moisturizing solutions, or an answer to problem skin, we employ a highly experienced team of chemists and biologists to craft proven and safe products that work. In a world of over-promises and empty claims, choose products that help you look and feel beautiful, with Oriflame.

Why you need Oriflame?

Oriflame has always been a pioneer in the field of beauty because we listen to your skin’s needs. That’s why we conduct extensive research and invest in your skin with the latest technology, never straying from naturally inspired ingredients that remain at the heart of every skin care product.
Since 2012 Oriflame has been conducting comprehensive research into how we perceive age via the ageing journey of our skin, resulting in the 12 Signs of Ageing.

The 12 signs Of Age Perception

1. Localised Redness
2. Darker Skin Tone
3. Uneven Skin Tone
4. Lack od Radiance
5. Large Pores
6. Under-eye Wrinkles
7. Rough Skin
8. Crow's Feet
9. Furrow Lines
10. Upper Lip Wrinkles
11. Forehead Wrinkles
12. Nasolabial Sagging or Smile Lines

Our AGE REFLECTTM technology has given Oriflame a holistic view on age perception, highlighting the major signs of ageing and giving us a wealth of knowledge on which to base and target our technologies.
This is just one example of how, by understanding what drives age perception, we’ve been able to create anti-ageing skin care solutions that target and solve what really matters to you.

Did you know?

Oriflame is one the first companies to develop products with UVA protection

How we develop world-class skin care


Did you know?

100 scientist and engineers work to finish the products formulation, in total there are 160 experts in the laboratories in Dublin and Stockholm

The Oriflame Skin Research Institute (SRI) is the home of Oriflame skin care ingrediant innovation, and where all our advanced performing anti-ageing skin care products begin their journey. Staffed by a highly experienced team of chemists and biologists with eight different nationalites, they help create advanced performing solutions for your skin, such as Oriflame’s Aspartolift technology (in Noveage Ultimate lift). One of the very few active ingredients in the world with clinically proven activity supported by placebocontrolled clinical studies and scientific publications.


An incredible amount of work lies behind each of our skin care products. Developing a new antiageing technology begins with:
IDEATION: Insights taken from many sources through vigorous scientific methods
INVESTIGATION: In-depth studies that take anywhere form 5-7 years to complete
DISCOVERY: An ingrediant’s efficacy and safety moves toward clinical testing and product development

Did you know?

We take 5-10 years to analyse and perfect active ingredients

Proven Solutions made just for you


Did you know?

Only once we are 100% sure formulations meet rigorous standards we are confident for consumer and clinical testing

Our work is stricly conducted in line with EU regulations with a focus on the safety and sustainability of our products at every stage of production. That’s why we always ensure that we meet, or in most cases exceed, quality standards.
At Ori-Derm, we evaluate and substaniate our claims by advanced testing our products on real people, in real conditions, to get real results. We rely on over 7,000 volunteers across all ages, skin types and ethnicties and use cutting-edge testing machines to guarantee incredibly precise results. This means you can rest assured in the knowledge that what we promise, we deliver.

“I choose Oriflame for their natural and effective skin care products that help me look my best, always.”
Katarzyna (Warsaw, Poland)