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Oriflame has always been a passionate supporter of fulfilling dreams. And although this is part of our business philosophy, it extends beyond our business into the charity work that we do – and have done since Oriflame was founded in 1967.

We strongly believe that by supporting the most vulnerable in society – children and young women - we can help give them the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.  This firm commitment to supporting self-help is the guiding principle of our community involvement, and is also in line with our Oriflame business model.

In order to reach our full potential, we’ve gathered all our community work under one umbrella – The Oriflame Foundation. Here we work with NGOs and charity organisations that not only have extensive experience of developing and running successful education-based initiatives but also support our aims and values. These include the World Childhood Foundation and SOS Childrens’s Villages, two global organisations we are proud to continuously work with.

The World Childhood Foundation

Every child has a right to a childhood, to security, joy, playfulness and curiosity about life. Sadly, many children are devoid of these fundamental rights. The World Childhood Foundation, founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden and co-founded by Oriflame, helps the most marginalised children around the world. Through this inspiring foundation, we reach out to vulnerable street children, sexually abused children and children in institutions.

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SOS Children's Villages

The heart of SOS Children’s Villages is dedicated to family-based, long-term care of children who are unable to grow up with their biological families. Today, just as it began 60 years ago, the mission remains the same: every child belongs to a family, every child grows with love and every child grows with respect.

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