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Find out why our staff love our products and why you should use them too!

Badr Abdelaziz, MD Oriflame Egypt, shares his personal favorite fragrances from Oriflame. He absolutely adores them & these are his most recommended fragrances.


Get inside tips from our Beauty expert, Nermine Tarek about what makes The One Lip Balm & The One BB Cream so exclusive!


Ola Wahba the marketing manager of Oriflame Egypt who simply admires Oriflame’s The One Double Effect Mascara for that dramatic volume on one’s eye lashes & Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation sets so well on a face giving a smooth coverage.


Find out why the sales manager of Oriflame Egypt Bassem Elshafei, loves Oriflame’s nature friendly range, Love Nature. For Baseem, this range has delectable natural ingredients which are refreshing for a fresh kick start every morning.