3 mascaras that will lengthen and grow your lashes

Meet our newest mascara obsession, hybrid mascaras! We’ve rounded up our favourite conditioning mascaras that help create length, volume, definition today and help grow your lashes over time. Throw those falsies away! Why the obsession? With unique, caring formulas containing nourishing ingredients that help protect, condition and strengthen, hybrid mascaras deliver high-impact lash looks while simultaneously making lashes look healthier, thicker and feel stronger with every glide. So now it’s time to get longer lashes naturally with our three bestselling hybrid mascaras!

Who says you can’t have it all? Giordani Gold’s Lash Iconic is infused with nurturing vitamins B5, E and F, and an indulgent blend of premium oils such as Cloudberry seed oil. The result is up to 11X more volume, more length, more curl and striking definition plus instant lash care.

Its lightweight formula is designed to protect and strengthen your natural lash resistance from root to tip, and it’s also available in a waterproof formula!

Why you’ll love it:
• Eleven times more volume and up to 61% more length versus bare lashes
• Up to 98% more curl versus natural lashes
• Infused with vitamins B5, E and F and a blend of oils to reinforce lash strength and resilience over time