How to take care of your skin during the Ramadam.

Ramadan is the holy month per excellence, it constitutes the month of fasting, so your skin will be affected by your way of life during this holy month and especially in terms of hydration.. Youshould know that hydration is the key to beauty and good health.

Do you remember the factors  that affect the skin?  

  • Internal factors: age, sex, discomfort...
  • External factors: Sun, pollution, climate...
  • Lifestyle: care routine, nutrition, sports...

All of these factors are responsible for premature skin aging, which is why you need to take precautions to protect your skin, remember that you can influence your skin up to 80%.

Here are some tips on how  to take care of your skin during this holy month!

 1.Drink plenty of water, drink very often and in small amounts, throughout the evening, so that your body assimilates water and your skin waters these water tanks.

2.Avoid drinking too many soft or sugary drinks that will dehydrate you.

3.Remember to refresh your skin from the outside by using a soft, lay towel that you put on your face for 1 or 2 minutes.

4.Avoid washing your face with sparkling products. Consider using one of the following products: "NovAge Supreme Cleansing Gel," "Love Nature Soothing Water with Goji Oat and Bay Extract," "Optimals Hydra Make-Up Remover Water," or  "Love Nature Refreshing Cleansing Cream with Aloe Vera Extract and Natural Coconut Water"

5.Considerusing a gentle scrub once a week: "The Refreshing Mask and Scrub 2 in 1 Love Nature with Aloe Vera Natural Extract and Coconut Water," "Optimal Face Exfoliating Scrub" or "Fairness Essentials Mask and Scrub with Vitamins E and B3.".The gentle scrub will take off and remove all dead cells accumulated on the surface and prevent the skin from benefiting 100% of the moisturizing ingredients that are then applied.

6.Use skincare products that boosts r nt hydration and prevent water loss in your skines "NovAge Wrinkle Power" peau « "NovAge Ultimate Lift," "NovAge Time Restore" all ranges contain Moisturizing, Softening, Occlusive, Humectant, Restructuring (FHL) activeness that help maintain and balanceskin hydration.

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