The 5 Makeup Brushes you Really Need

An artist is only as good as his tools – or so the saying goes. The same applies to makeup. If you want great-looking makeup, you’ll need effective, hard-working brushes. So we’ve narrowed it down to the five, you shouldn’t live without.

When it comes to foundation, ditch the sponge and use a brush.  The consistency of your foundation will dictate which brush you choose. If you love creamy, full-coverage then opt for a flat paintbrush. Or, if you prefer sheer foundations, a fluffy brush will blend makeup seamlessly into your skin.

A concealer brush is a must in your beauty arsenal. It will allow you to blend liquid concealer to your undereye area, making it perfect for covering dark circles (find more tips here !). Disguise blemishes by tapping on concealer with your brush – but make sure the colour matches your foundation for perfect coverage. 

Blush and powder brushes should be soft, round and flat. Load big brushes from both sides to guarantee an even distribution. 

For eyes it’s best to have two brushes in your makeup bag. You’ll want a medium-sized brush for spreading colour on your lid, and a small, angled brush for adding definition. Use the smaller brush to line your lashes and darken around the crease. You can even use your angled brush to fill-in your eyebrows!  

Beauty gurus should never be without a lip brush. They spread pigment evenly, define your lips and allow for accurate application. A lip brush also make your lipstick last longer – you’ll never turn back. 

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