Does Your Man's Hairstyle Suit Him?

According to Google, last year was the first time that men’s interest in hair outperformed that of women. Clearly finding the right hairstyle is of top-priority to the modern day man, so why not help your partner out with our guide to finding the perfect haircut for him.

The quiff is something of an icon. Worn by men for decades, it’s characterised by hair that’s cut shorter at the sides than on top. Because it lengthens the face, it’s flattering on all ages and head shapes. However, if your man has extremely thin hair we suggest a cut that requires less volume. 



The comb-over is a sharper version of the quiff. Hair is brushed into a deep side parting, to channel a classic style, that’s easy to maintain. Set to be this year’s most stylish haircut (Google confirmed that interest in the comb-over is up 50%), it’s a must for the trend-driven man. It’s also a stylish solution for the first signs of baldness.



Curly and Afro hair can be a challenge - if you’ve got natural curls, you already know that! When it comes to thick, wavy hair, laziness is his worst enemy – he’ll need a wide-tooth comb, a good conditioner 




2015 was the year that the “man bun” went mainstream, and it appears to be going nowhere. A hairstyle that suits men with naturally thick hair and (ideally) a full beard, it can be worn long all over, or with closely shaved sides. Be warned: the length required for a man bun takes time to grow, so expect an awkward mid-length period – he might need a hat for a while!




Shaved heads tend to suit men with well-shaped crowns. A style that’s associated with confidence and masculinity, it’s an attractive remedy for thinning or balding hair. Just be weary if he has a very prominent forehead!




Long hair makes an impact. It can overwhelm delicate features so if he has a “baby face,” perhaps skip this look. When it comes to styling, gels and waxes are best reserved for formal occasions. But you can expect to have your shampoo and conditioner on loan for a while – his hair will need taking care of! As we women already know, casual doesn’t mean careless. 

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images