How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Him

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Him

Since the first day you met, he’s never gotten tired of surprising you. He knows every show in town, invites you to the best restaurants and likes to travel the world. In short: he’s mastered the art of living. The ideal gift for such a sophisticated connoisseur is the new Giordani Gold Notte with noble notes of black vetiver, Italian citrus and black coffee.

If it was possible, you'd never be apart. Not for a single day. You’re each other’s second halves and life is so much better when you’re together. For a connection this deep, you’ll want something that’s deeply personal and has an emotional meaning. So, what could be a better gift than a couple’s fragrance? The seductive scent of So Fever Her and So Fever Himare perfect for kindred spirits connected with passion.

Some people are just there for you. No matter what. And your man is one of those people. He makes you feel safe and confident in your future together. But you also know that people who always take care of others, need care too. Therefore, you should go for a North For Men gift set, that includes everything for men’s skin and hair care needs, to show you’ve got his back too.

He’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on. And just like you, he knows that looking one’s best requires some effort. So give him a NovAge Ecollagen skin care set this holiday. Because even though men’s skin is 25 % thicker than women’s, due to testosterone, it too gets thinner, drier and wrinkle prone with age. A skin care routine is therefore as important for men as for women. You can read more in our editorial: "Why he needs a skin care routine too". And make sure he gets the link!

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