Swedish Natural Beauty

We are very proud of our Swedish heritage. It guides us in everything we do at Oriflame. But Swedish Natural Beauty is more than skin deep. Find out the Scandinavian beauty secrets that are easy to follow to achieve the effortless Swedish Natural Beauty you crave.

Invest in Quality Products
Swedish Natural Beauty starts at the skin. Since many Swedes live in extremely cold weather, a good skincare routine is essential to their everyday life. That means using products that provide deep hydration that lasts and keeps skin soft, supple, and radiant.

Inspired by Nature
Sweden is home to some of the cleanest air, water and natural landscapes in the world – which is why many Swedish women choose natural skin care products. Products that actually work and respect the planet at the same time.
It only makes sense that natural products are created to work in harmony with your skin while harmful chemicals and harsh treatments only dry-out and blemish your beauty. For better, beautiful, and long-lasting results, go natural.

Protect your skin
Sweden is a country of drastic climates, especially when it comes to the sun. In the north of Sweden, the sun doesn’t set in June, and never rises in January. While Stockholm’s sun in July rises at 3:40am and sets and 10 pm.
Whether it’s low sun exposure, or all day rays, Swedes always protect their skin and know that even if the sun isn’t shining, you still need to wear sunscreen daily. That’s because up to 80% of harmful UVA and UVB rays can pass through cloud coverage. They know that it’s UVA rays that are responsible for premature ageing signs like wrinkles and brown spots, so make sure you’re protecting exposed areas with SPF 15 ( SunZone) and above, every day.

Eat Well
You are what you eat. That’s why Swedish plates are loaded with Omega-rich fish and vitamin infused, nutritious vegetables. Consuming fish at least three times a week alongside a nutritiously balanced meal can see your skin to a healthy, Swedish glow in as little as one week! Compliment this diet with a healthy serving of water every day and you’ll see results you would have wished for weeks and even months earlier.

Scandinavian tradition dictates a healthy dose of wellness that extends beyond food and the gym. A time honored ritual all swedes abide by is a sweat at their local Sauna. Not only is it great for your well being, but it’s detoxifying powers are great for your skin. Spending even a few minutes opening your pores with the relaxing powers of a hot sauna, then following it with a cold shower to tighten and clean deep beyond the surface of your skin can change and renew your complexion, for a beautifully radiant and rejuvenated face.

A good nights sleep
Disrupted sleep is common to many Swedes considering their drastic weather changes. That’s why they value the power of a good night’s sleep. A full 8 hours of sleep helps to repair your skin, and rejuvenate your body beyond any miracle fixes.
But as we all know, getting 8 hours of sleep isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve created a cream that can help you on the days when you can’t get a full nights rest. Intense Skin Recharge from NovAge is a full 8 hours of beauty sleep in a jar! This intensive leave-on overnight mask lavishes skin with deep nourishment and hydration, eradicating signs of fatigue to leave it looking completely rested and glowing with renewed vitality by morning.

Balanced Swedish Living
No advice is complete without mentioning “lagom.” Lagom is Swedish for finding a state of being that is “just right.” A sense of moderation and balance that guides us in everything we do and create at Oriflame. As partners in your make-up routine we strive to provide you with simple beauty solutions that are in balance with your needs.

Find your Lagom with our natural and balanced ways to get our signature Swedish Natural Beauty look.