Wedding Do's and Dont's

You want your wedding day to be perfect. From the dress, the day, to the perfect partner - sometimes it’s easy to forget yourself. One of the most important things that is overlooked, is your make-up. Even though it’s expected to outlast kisses, hugs, a few tears, dancing and the unforgettable pictures of your special day. Learn the essential Do’s and Don’ts to picture-perfect make-up that will be sure to help make your “I Do’s” everlasting.

Prep Your Skin – Investing in a nourishing and effective day and night routine at least 3-6 months before the wedding is crucial to ensuring that your skin is ready for the big day.
Don’t forget to Protect – Wear sunscreen months before the big day. A high SPF will help protect your skin from sun damage and keeps skin looking young and flawless.
Practice Makes Perfect – Having a make-up trial at least 3 weeks before the wedding will let you know what you like and what you can change – stress free. That means choosing what looks and feels best without making last minute changes during an already hectic day.
The Essentials of Packing – Be sure to have an emergency pack handy for quick touch ups like powder, lipstick, concealer or blush

Don’t have a costly facial close to the wedding day - Open pores can inflame if clogged with heavy wedding-day makeup. Instead, use a deeply hydrating sheet mask on the day-of. Sheet masks are equivalent to a glass of water on the face and can give you the immediate glow you need.
Don’t wear sunscreen on your wedding day – contrary to your daily routine, SPF creams, flash photography and heavy makeup will make you looked washed out in photos.
Don’t try something new – Hopefully you have had your makeup trial and don’t feel the need to try a new smokey eye or red lip that has gone untested in natural light or flash photography. Your wedding day is the time to trust the choices and the professionals you have hired to flawlessly execute your perfect look.
Don’t forget to have fun – You have waited and prepared long enough for this day, don’t forget to smile and actually enjoy it!