Your Skin Care Questions – Answered!

When it comes to skin care, there’s no end to our questions. We all want flawless, glowing, wrinkle-free skin, but how do we get it? We’ve selected some of your most pressing skin care questions, and asked our experts for the answers.

Swedish spa scrubHow often should you exfoliate your skin and why?
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and dislodges build-up in your pores, preventing breakouts. A scrub also enhances blood flow to your face, giving you an instantly fresh glow. Always exfoliate in an upwards, circular motion – but be gentle, you don’t want to rub your face raw! We recommend exfoliating twice a week, but first check your specific product recommendations. 

What’s the best way to treat facial scarring? 
To keep your skin looking even and to prevent any permanent pigment damage, always wear products with SPF. Also look for face creams that contain Vitamin E, which is said to reduce scarring.

Why is serum important?
Serums are light, water-based liquids that give your skin a high concentration of active ingredients. These active ingredients have been selected to enhance the performance of your moisturiser. Serums should be worn under your day and night creams as they are formulated to boost their action.

Day Cream or Night Cream – do you really need both?
It’s a personal choice, but to reap the full benefits of your moisturisers, we say yes! Day and nights creams are designed to follow the natural cycle of the skin. During the day your skin is subject to the sun, pollution, makeup and environmental stress, so day creams are formulated to protect. At night your skin repairs and restores, so night creams focus on your skin’s recovery.

Is it necessary to use products from the same range, or is it ok to mix-and-match?
First and foremost, you should identify your skin care concern and then pick products that target it. Although it’s not compulsory, we recommend using products from the same range. This is because they have been designed to complement one another to deliver the best results possible.

Ecollagen anti-ageing

When should I start with anti-ageing products?
Most wrinkles stem from sun exposure – so anti-ageing should start at a young age with the regular application of sunscreen. Proper and regular hydration from an early age will minimize the appearance of fine expression lines, which eventually become wrinkles. Your mid-twenties are a good time to start incorporating prevention products into your routine, but always address your specific skin needs and adapt your routine accordingly. And, don’t forget eye cream – the needs of this area are different to the rest of the face and it’s where the signs of aging appear first.   

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