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Gold Conference Turkey 2020

Gold Conference Turkey 2020

Adventure begins with Oriflame!

A cultural gem

Turkey is home to 13 spots on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites! From a Mesolithic temple to a World War One battlefield, it’s no wonder Turkey is the sixth most-visited tourist destination in the world!

Shop the world’s oldest and biggest mall

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar dates back to 1455! It is lined with over 3,000 shops and draws in millions of people from around the world. Indulge and explore in the ancient beauty that dates back to times of Constantinople and beyond!

Nature at its finest

Turkey is among the world’s 35 biodiversity hotspots. With over 10,000 plants and 80,000 animal species, you can visit more than a half-dozen bird sanctuaries and relax in the floral haven of your choice.

A tradition of dance

Be entranced by the iconic Whirling Dervishes. A show performed with the traditional Mevlevi music that captures and delights its audiences. Enjoy a spectacle of culture, tradition and beauty only in Turkey.

Health through relaxation

Unwind and enjoy Turkey’s exquisite thermal resources – ranked 7th in the world and 1st in Europe! Thousands of tourists visit Turkey every year to enjoy its over 260 thermal facilities established over an area of more than 1,500 thermal resources.

A paradise of adventure

From golfing and trekking in the heat to cold weather winter sports, Turkey is home to climates that suit your every adventure. Explore the seasons and try something new and exciting in a paradise of adventures!