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Strawberries are far more than a fresh and fruity treat on a summer’s day, they’re a natural source of valuable antioxidants like vitamin C and phenolic compounds that help to protect the skin and body from free radicals. We Swedes cherish our strawberries, and often enjoy them simply served with milk and a sprinkle of sugar in a bowl of delicious goodness. In beauty, strawberries’ high fruit acids and natural antioxidants content is known to help boost skin’s radiance and brightness.

Beauty Benefits
  • Nourishing and high in vitamin C.
  • Fruit acids and antioxidants help to boost skin’s radiance and brightness.
  • Strawberry extract has been shown to help protect skin against UVA-induced damage.
Strawberries contain a variety of bioactive compounds and polyphenolics (including phenols and flavonoids just to name a few), all of which are known to help reduce visible skin ageing.