Foundation Wedges
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Oriflame Beauty

Foundation Wedges

LE 54

Apply and blend your favourite foundation, CC Cream or concealers quickly, precisely and flawlessly with these cosmetic wedges. The fine texture and wedge shape enables you to blend effortlessly into harder-to-reach areas like around the eyes and nose. The wedge tip is also perfect for correcting eye liner and mascara smudges.

Set of four rubber wedges. Size: 7.6 x 5 x 2.4 cm.

  1. Dot foundation or other cosmetic product onto your face where required.
  2. Use dry wedge for effective coverage, damp wedge for a lighter, more natural coverage.
  3. Use flat side of wedge to blend over your face in short, light strokes.
  4. End with a light downward stroke on your cheeks to help disguise baby hairs.
  5. Use the tip of the wedge to blend around nasal creases and around the eye area.

Clean your wedges regularly with gentle soap and warm water and allow to air dry.

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