Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Night Cream
Milk & Honey Gold

Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Night Cream

LE 219
50 ml

Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Night Cream delivers intensive overnight hydration so your skin feels soft and smooth next morning. With a rich, creamy texture and extracts of organically sourced Milk & Honey, it nourishes and replenishes you skin’s natural beauty so you look radiant and rested the day after.

  • Provides intense nourishment*
  • Renews skin while you sleep*
  • Skin feels comforted and nourished*
  • Dermatologically tested

*Consumer tested.

Apply in the evening to face and neck after cleansing. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

For best results use your favourite Oriflame Cleansing & Toners in conjunction with Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Day Cream (32542) and Night Cream.


  • Contains Lactic Acid which balances the skin’s moisture from inside and is proven to improve moisturisation of dry skin.
  • Rich in calcium, vitamins, mineral and proteins known to help improve the skin’s appearance.
  • Known to possess antimicrobial and cleansing properties.
  • Regarded as one of nature’s best skin conditioners, with softening and moisturising properties.


  • Rich in sugars that lock in water, leaving skin hydrated.
  • Contains minerals and vitamins that help revitalise skin.
  • Contains Folic acid known for its regenerative benefit on the skin.
  • Known for its softening and smoothening properties.
  • Helps to remove skin’s imperfections thanks to its keratolytic properties, leaving skin looking radiant.
Knowing the benefits of milk and honey, we have created the indulgent Milk & Honey Gold collection. Offering a wide range of nourishing and rich formulations for your face, hair and body that provide you with the ultimate pampering experience.