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It’s time for NovAge Bright Sublime

Our aim is to keep our promise. NovAge Bright Sublime promises Skin Lightening by up to 40%.

Did you know that it only takes:
2 minutes, 2 times a day?

Why should you start right now?

For long-term results you need an advanced Skin Care regime (not just skin covering Make-Up) that works. We promise visible and long-term results when you use NovAge Bright Sublime for just 12 weeks.


Our unique scientific AgeReflectTM study reveals that skin pigment imperfections negatively impact your age perception.


The bright, flawless and luminous complexion you desire.

Our Discovery

Multi Bright Technology is a synergistic compound of two plant based actives offering a multi level action, targeting the melanocyte cells at the base of the epidermis to inhibit melanin production at all key stages of production.
Dioic Acid: a biotech ingredient derived from oleic acid (found in olive oil)
Rumex Occidentalis: a plant commonly known as Western Dock and native to North America

By studying the gene expression of all key melanin production genes, our scientists also discovered that Dioic Acid reduces pigmentary gene activity better than many commercially available skin-brightening ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Arbutin and Vitamin C.

Clinically proven to
BY UP TO 40%
after just 12 weeks
Prevents the appearence
of the first signs
of ageing
including fine lines
& dullness



Cleansing your skin morning and evening removes impurities for good skin health and created perfect conditions to absord the rest of the products in your routine.



A small bead of cream is sufficient for each eye. Do not cream along your orbital bone and either pat gently in with the tip of your ring finger, or apply with the roller ball applicator, if your product has one, until asorbed. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.



Dispense one pump of serum onto the back of your hand. Pick up product on your fingertips and dot lightly and evently over your face, avoiding the eye area. Tap into your skin or sweep gently all over your face until absorbed.



Apply just 5 pea-sized dots of cream - on your forehead, each cheek, your nose and chin. Use your fingertips to gently pat or lighly massage the cream evenly all over your face, avoiding the eye area, until it is fully absorbed.

Every products are powered by our patented Multi-Bright Technology and designed to work in synergy to offer outstanding results!

Reduce dark spots by up to 50% in 12 weeks - Clinically proven *


After 4 weeks

After 8 weeks

After 12 weeks


* Clinically tested using serum and day cream

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