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Boost your collagen, Re-plump your wrinkles, Transform your complexion

Aged Skin

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the skin’s most vital components – a fibrous mesh-like network of proteins, which gives the skin its structure, shape and firmness. As the skin ages, synthesis of collagen slows down, and its natural degradation speeds up, eventually resulting in a state where more collagen is lost than produced. This imbalance results in a weakened extracellular matrix, and the formation of wrinkles.

Young Skin

Boost your collagen

NovAge Ecollagen addresses collagen decline by activating the skin’s intrinsic cellular repair mechanisms. Patented Tri-Peptide Technology is a combination of three plant-based peptides, which work in synergy to boost collagen synthesis, stimulate cellular energy, and help prevent oxidative stress. Potent Solanaceae Plant Stem Cell extract also boosts collagen synthesis, and in addition helps to protect its integrity by inhibiting the enzymes that cause its degradation. Together these technologies promote a healthier collagen balance in the extracellular matrix, plumping from within for a visible correction in wrinkle length, width and depth.

* In vitro

Re-plump your WRINKLES

Redefine the lines that age you with NovAge Ecollagen, our advanced performing anti-wrinkle skin care range.
Ecollagen restores and protects the skin’s collagen to re-plump wrinkles from within.
You’ll see and feel the difference – Ecollagen dramatically reduces wrinkles and enhances skin texture and tone for a complexion that’s softer, smoother and significantly fresher looking.

Our Discovery

Patented Tri-Peptide Technology is a trio of peptides, based on wheat, rice and yeast. Individually, each peptide has its own clearly defined anti-ageing strength: wheat - provides antioxidant protection against DNA-damaging UV radiation, rice - boosts cell energy, yeast - specialises in collagen synthesis.
In the lab, each of the three peptides demonstrate a significant ability to stimulate collagen production, but combined as patented Tri-Peptide Technology, they deliver a remarkable synergistic effect – boosting collagen by almost twice as much as they do Individually.

Solanaceae Plant Stem Cell extract – boosting collagen and protecting its integrity.
The extract helps to restructure the skin’s extracellular matrix through a dual-action mechanism – stimulating and boosting collagen synthesis, and protecting it’s integrity by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for its degradation.
Solanaceae Plant Stem Cell extract is proven to boost collagen synthesis by more than 200%!*
*Plant Stem Cell extract tested in vitro

BY UP TO 33%*

Why do I need to follow the routine?

We all know that getting into routines is always the key to the best results – like brushing our teeth, following a healthy diet or following an exercise regime – and the same goes for following a skin care routine. There are lots of different skin care routines out there but the 4-step skin care routine is Oriflame's absolute philosophy for achieving and maintaining youthful, healthy-looking skin for life.

The routine is scientifically designed to give your skin the perfect daily foundation with everything it needs for youthful health around the clock. It works by layering the right products in the right order, morning and evening, every day - and we’ve scientifically proven that it works.




Cleansing your skin morning and evening removes impurities for good skin health and created perfect conditions to absord the rest of the products in your routine.



A small bead of cream is sufficient for each eye. Do not cream along your orbital bone and either pat gently in with the tip of your ring finger, or apply with the roller ball applicator, if your product has one, until asorbed. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.



Dispense one pump of serum onto the back of your hand. Pick up product on your fingertips and dot lightly and evently over your face, avoiding the eye area. Tap into your skin or sweep gently all over your face until absorbed.



Apply just 5 pea-sized dots of cream - on your forehead, each cheek, your nose and chin. Use your fingertips to gently pat or lighly massage the cream evenly all over your face, avoiding the eye area, until it is fully absorbed.

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