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NovAge is Oriflame's most scientifically-advanced skin care brand - an anti-ageing system which covers the skin's needs from the very first signs of ageing to those experienced in more mature skin. Every range is formulated to target specific skin-ageing signs as well as providing appropriate care and protection against aggressors to help slow the skin-ageing process and ensure beautiful, healthy-looking skin for life.

NovAge is created using rigorous Swedish science, in our own research and development laboratories, where our scientists combine high quality raw materials with innovative research methods and cutting-edge equipment to bring you advanced technologies - and clinically proven results.

The NovAge brand was born following the results of AgeReflectTM - an intensive scientific study we carried out with almost 1000 women of different ages. The study revealed the skin-ageing signs which have the greatest impact on how old - and how healthy - we are perceived to be. NovAge ranges are designed to target and correct those skin ageing signs.

Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies derived from nature and enhanced by the power of science form the heart of every NovAge range. By using molecules and compounds extracted from nature, we work to create unique and powerful technologies – and aim to patent them - which can take many, many years of research.

Plant Stem Cell technology
Plant stem cells are the very essence of plant vitality, and every NovAge range contains a Plant Stem Cell extract. Plant stem cell extracts act as guardians of your youth - helping to protect the skin against ageing aggressors.

Oriflame is a leading force in plant stem cell technology. This advanced biotechnology enables us to cultivate cells from some of the most precious plants on earth in the laboratory, and extract potent molecules from them with reduced environmental impact.

Clinical, consumer and dermatological testing
To prove that NovAge products deliver on their promises, every product undergoes rigorous scientific testing. We carry out clinical, consumer and dermatological tests on all NovAge ranges.