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How can I register to Oriflame?

Join us here as a Brand Partner if you’re passionate about beauty and enjoy sharing beauty tips with friends and family, and are interested in making money and sale:

To register go to our website WWW.ORIFLAME.COM.EG and click to

oriflame business opportunity at the top right of the web page and Join us then complete the steps .

· Join for 64 L.E to receive an access to following Business Opportunities:

After you become Brand Partner you can obtain.


· Access to special discount on products.


· 23% immediate discount on all your personal orders.


· We offer you free delivery for purchasing products at a special price.


· You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the "Welcome" program and enjoy special products


· Make extra money, in your own time. Join today and make money on your first sale


· We’ll support you with top-notch digital tools and a variety of trainings in beauty and business.


· Choose when and where you work from and enjoy more time to do the things you love.


· Earn development bonuses! Achieve higher titles and earn Director Bonuses and cash prizes, as well as the opportunity to qualify for international conferences.