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Our Approach

Becoming a fully-sustainable company

Since we were one of the first companies to use plant extracts in our skin care products, we’re always aiming to harness our ingredients from renewable plant sources. We have made a lot of progress since then, however there's still a long journey ahead of us, with much more to be done.

Our journey to sustainability will be a long one. However, given the nature and size of our business, this allows us to take on that responsibility and embrace the opportunity to achieve real, lasting and positive change.

Successful people

We genuinely care about helping people to find a way to achieve their goals. Through our employees, Beauty Consultants, suppliers, the communities we operate in and our valued consumers, we can help people from all around the world to realize success.

Great products

We help bring beauty, confidence and well-being to many, respecting people and nature every step of the way. This means creating products that are socially, ethically and environmentally-responsible.

A thriving planet

We are committed to making our business an environmentally-sustainable one. Our strategy is built on a thorough understanding of our impact and a long-held commitment to sustainable principles.