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The beauty of your wellbeing

We’re a people-powered wellbeing and beauty community with an entrepreneurial spirit – a supportive cheer squad ready to empower your journey with the beauty of your wellbeing. Together, we’ll help you carve out your unique path to wellbeing – so you can enjoy the ride.

Reach your happy place

We believe true wellbeing feels different to everyone – and let’s be honest, it often means different things at different moments. Sometimes you need a cosy night in, watching your fave TV series with a nourishing face mask on, while other days you want to be surrounded by friends and be active.  
It’s really about feeling confident to live life on your terms, free of judgement or expectations. That’s your unique path to wellbeing. Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, we’re here for it. Together, we’ll help you reach your happy place. 




Our history

In 1967, two Swedish entrepreneurs Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, along with their friend Bengt Hellsten, dreamt of creating a company that would offer high-quality wellbeing and beauty products inspired by nature, accessible to everyone. Today, we continue this dream – living for the excitement of changing lives each day and creating a better tomorrow.

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Performing, safe, responsible

Held to the strictest European safety standards, our product development philosophy puts performance and responsibility at the forefront – while our entrepreneurial spirit and progressive nature drives innovation.

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Step into our beauty community


At Oriflame, your passion for beauty can become a journey that's uniquely yours. As an independent Brand Partner, you’re not just recommending products; you're building a side business that seamlessly fits into your daily life. We provide the essential tools and support you need to turn your aspirations into tangible reality – on your terms and at your own pace. Discover your potential and join us in our global community of forward-thinking beauty enthusiasts!