An Homage to Novage: 5 Reasons to Love Our Most Advanced Skin Care Range

With the launch of Novage in 2015, our most technologically advanced and powerful skin care system was born. Novage continues to prove that beautiful skin is ageless. In celebration of 5 years championing beautiful, healthy-looking skin we’re counting down the top 5 reasons we love Novage.

5. Clinically proven to work
Choosing and knowing which skin care products to trust can feel like a minefield sometimes – that’s why every Novage range is backed by clinical testing! Clinical tests are objective, scientific tests. The efficacy of our products is tested on healthy volunteers by comparing the characteristics of the skin before and after use. So, when we say our range reduces wrinkles up to 49% instantly, it’s a fact!

4. Powerful and protective
Plant stem cell extracts are the very essence of nature’s power, refined by biotechnology to produce pure and potent extracts. These plant-based technologies are rich with protective agents which help to neutralise aggressors and slow the appearance of skin-ageing signs. Every Novage range is formulated with plant stem cell extracts to harness this unique protective power — like guardians of our youth!

3. Streamlined 4-step routine
Life can be demanding. Our skin regime needn’t be. Novage provides the skin with exactly what it needs — no more and no less — delivering effective, powerful and clinically proven results. Each range is optimised to address unique individual skin concerns through four, carefully planned steps. And even though the entire routine can be completed in as little as two minutes, with solutions as beautifully scented and luxuriously textured as these, we’re reclaiming our me-time by seizing every pampering moment.

2. Novage has an eye on the future of the planet
Biotechnology is a more sustainable way to create natural active ingredients that are less costly on you and the environment. With this in mind, Novage is off to a great start! Here’s how it works, the Novage range is comprised of rejuvenating active technologies that are also supported by plant stem cell extracts, created using already existing plant material. Not only do bio-active ingredients — such as plant stem cell extracts — use less water, sun, labour and land for production, but growing them under lab conditions eliminates the use of pesticides and contaminants making the process and technology more environmentally friendly. Because healthy looking skin shouldn’t have to comprise.

And the number one reason we love Novage…

1. Feeling beautiful is empowering!
It’s not your years — it’s how you wear them. Novage loves our skin and it shows. A healthy, radiant complexion elicits confidence and makes us feel beautiful. Want to learn more about Novage? You might want to read this: Your Questions About NovAge Answered

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