Celebrating the essence of femininity

There are infinite ways to express femininity today, with more and more ideas of how a modern woman should look, dress and behave. What is sometimes forgotten is the most important part – having the confidence to do it your way.

There are currently only 8 female Master Perfumers in the world, and Oriflame invited not one, but two of them to develop Infinita. Émilie Coppermann and Aliénor Massenet are both from France, and both brought their unique experiences and views on what it is to be a modern woman to the project. Together, they created a powerful and alluring interpretation of femininity based around the precious and most feminine raw ingredient they knew – Grandiflorum Jasmine from Grasse.  Émilie and Aliénor crafted Infinita’s fragrance around the Grandiflorum Jasmine flower to create a modern interpretation of classic femininity. A Floral-Fruity-Woody fragrance with luminous and spicy citrus top notes of Pink Pepper, Mandarin and Kumquat that lead to the powerful and the ultra-feminine heart note of Jasmine Grandiflorum. Finishing with the alluring notes of Amber, Cashmere wood and Vanilla to give a magnificent base. 

The resulting Eau de Parfum is a combination of contrasts that, nevertheless, go together perfectly. No matter how you might define your femininity, you will find something that reflects your attitude in Infinita. This is also why it makes for an excellent and universal gift.  Not only is Infinita Eau de Parfum a fine quality fragrance, it stands for something more – a reminder to all women all over the world to embrace and feel proud of their true femininity.