Jonas Wramell – a Globetrotting Family Man

We all know Jonas Wramell as a globetrotting world renowned make-up artist and Oriflame’s Global Artistic Director, but how much do we really know about him as a person? We decided to find out more about Jonas’ life in London and Stockholm, his travels, and his life with his son. But of course we couldn’t help but get some style and make up tips as well!

Jonas, start by telling us where you live?
– I live in Stockholm and London but with all my travels (up to 130 days per year!) it feels like all over the world sometimes. I spend about 10 to 14 days a month in London. However I also travel up to 130 days a year for work. It could be anywhere from Kazakhstan to LA, NY, and Paris. I have a 6-year-old son and I spend all my free time with him in Stockholm and in our home in London.

You are originally from Sweden but you also call London home, why London?
– I fell in love with London when I first moved there as a 19 year old to study. I love it because it’s a melting pot with interesting people and it allows me to be who I am. The city is a great source of inspiration for me. My life there is extremely different from my life in Stockholm. I am much more social and active in London for some reason. I go to museums, art galleries and I go biking around. I love the vibrancy, the shopping, the fashion and beauty influences and all of the inspiration I get there.

You are the Global artistic director for Oriflame, what does that really mean?
 – It means an extreme amount of travelling, but also product development and attending and doing makeup for different events. Sometimes I travel 20 hours to a place only to be there for one day. Next week for example I am off to Barcelona, then I am going to Nice, then India and straight to Singapore and that’s normal for me. It’s a lot of fun, but can also be exhausting and sometimes even lonely to be in a hotel room by myself. But everything that is a lot of fun also comes with its backsides. I believe there must be some resistance and things to overcome.. It’s the same thing with everything fun in life, like relationships and children., and that is completely okay with me.

How do you keep fit and in shape with your busy lifestyle?
– I am a workout freak and I almost never drink alcohol. Working out for me is super important and I feel it helps defeat jetlag and makes me feel good.
I work out either at my hotels or in my gyms in Stockholm and London. I also jog in the park in London, and do horse riding there, which I think is an amazing way to combine fresh air, exercise and fun! As for my diet,
I am not a great cook, but I do eat as healthy as I can.

What about your skincare routine?
– I am very careful with my skincare. I always use a scrub in the shower two to three times a week. I also use serum and a day cream and on top of that I add a very high spf – always!

What is your personal fashion style and what style tips do you have for men?

– I am almost always dressed up. I think it’s fun to wear nice clothes and to use them and not just have them hanging in my closet for a special occasion. My main tips for men out there is when you buy a nice jacket or something, use it! Don’t wait for special days because before you know it will be outdated and you wont have had the pleasure of using it as much as you could! Also as a man: stay classic. That always works.

What about style tips for women?
– Trends are a misconception.  Be updated on them but think about your personal style rather manically changing your whole wardrobe every season. Add some fun accessories that are trendy. That’s my tip.

What’s your favourite product from Oriflame right now?
– The One high impact eye shadow which is a creamy shadow in lots of different metallic colours. I think that product is one of the best on market right now!

Which 3 products do you believe each woman needs in her toiletry bag?
– Foundation, mascara and the eye brow kit. I think lipstick is a great product to dramatically change your look from day to night also!



Dianas Memorial Playground
My son loves this place! There is a huge pirate ship in the middle of it all! And it’s a fun meeting place for grownups too!
Petersham Nurseries
An English garden with labyrinths, walks, bridges and little canals. A beautiful place to be with your child in nature with animals!
Natural History Museum
This is fun for both adults and kids! My son loves the huge T-rex which is life sized and even moves!

Jonas top 3 restaurants tips:

Weekend lunch: Granger o Co in Notting Hill
Dinner: Coya in Piccadilly
Drinks: Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone

Words by: Photographs by: Anna Mårtensson