How to Make Your Perfume Last

Sick of spritzing perfume and applying scented moisturiser, only to find that your fragrance has faded by noon? Smell fresh until home time with our guide to making perfume last!

1. Don’t store your perfumes in the bathroom or on your windowsill as exposure to humidity, heat and light can cause your perfume to smell musty overtime. Keep them in a cool and dry place instead.

2. If you want to smell sweet all day, spritz your hair with perfume – it clings to scent for longer.

3. Well-hydrated skin will hold onto aromas better than dry skin so moisturise before applying. 

4. Dab an eau du parfum rather than an eau de toilette onto your skin; perfume has a high oil content making it more durable. 

5. Citrus notes tend to fade the fastest, whilst woody base notes have more stay. 

6. Apply your fragrance after a hot shower, damp skin and open pores will lock-in scent.  

7. Make sure your shower gel is in the same fragrance family as your perfume. Treat it like your foundation; a sweet-smelling base for the rest of your products.

8. Look for a clean, soapy smelling deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day – and night.   

9. Rubbing your wrists together will only cause your fragrance to fade faster. Instead, apply your scent and allow it to dry naturally on your skin.

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock