Essential Grooming Habits for Men

Good grooming doesn’t have to be time consuming. In fact a few essential tweaks to your daily wash routine can have you looking your best in a matter of minutes.

Smelling fragrant starts in the shower. Select a shower gel that will compliment your cologne as well as keep you clean. It can be tempting to use a single soap product for your body, face and hair – don’t. Instead, identify you hair type and pick a shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Then, do the same with your face wash. Whatever your worry, be it ageing, uneven skin tone or breakouts, there’s a cleanser to suit.

It’s recommended that you follow a four-step skin care routine daily. But if four steps seem excessive, then at least make sure you protect your face with a day cream that is high in SPF. Specialised moisturisers will target ageing concerns and reinvigorate a face that’s been weathered by days spent outdoors or environmental aggressors, like office air conditioning. We also suggest using an eye cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

If you’re blessed with thick and wavy hair, heavier products like waxes are great for styling, but if your hair is thinner, use lighter products – hair sprays and powders are ideal.

When it comes to taming facial hair, prepare your skin with a shaving product before reaching for the razor. Avoid irritation by soaking your razor in warm water to open up your pores for easier hair removal.

"A specialised hand moisturiser will keep hands soft and tactile." 

Whatever the season, good foot care is important. After a shower (when your skin is at its softest) use a pumice stone to whip away dead skin, then trim toenails and pull back cuticles. And if foot odour gives you jib, use a specialised product to avoid any embarrassing whiffs when removing your shoes - the award-winning Feet Up brand will keep odour at bay.

The same goes for your hands. Nothing looks more unsightly on a man than overgrown, dirty fingernails. Be sure to cut back fingernails on a weekly basis and use a nailbrush or manicure set to keep nails in check. A specialised hand moisturiser will keep hands soft and tactile.

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock