The Male Skincare Routine

If you’re a man who wants to continue looking fresh and youthful as the years roll, then investing in your skin for the long term is essential. Using drug store basics or your partner’s products every other day just won’t cut it. Male skin needs more and to really maximize your skins potential you need to adopt a daily high-performance skin care routine.

This essential first step allows your performing products to be better absorbed and deliver optimal results. NovAge Men Purifying  & Exfoliating Cleanser is designed to strip away dead skin cells, embedded impurities and daily city grime, leaving your skin oil and sebum free and ready to be moisturised and energized.

The skin around the eyes is more fragile and needs special care. NovAge Men Eye Rescue Gel is specially engineered to target the delicate area with powerful technologies that reduce signs of tiredness.

A serum adds a whole new dimension to your skin care regimen because of its high concentration of active ingredients. NovAge Men Energising & Hydrating Booster instantly energizes and moisturises, soothes skin and also creates a 2X hydration boosting effect for your NovAge Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel Lotion.

Moisturising is vital for retaining your skin’s fresh, healthy and energized appearance. NovAge Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel Lotion delivers revitalizing hydration all day long, while combating all signs of ageing.

Energized, younger looking skin in less than 2 minutes!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame