8-Step Valentine`s Day Beauty Routine

Va-va-volume hair, bold lips in red, lustrous smoky eyes, a scent that does the talking as you do the walking… If you want to look and feel your best on Valentine`s Day, here is the routine you need to follow and here are the essentials you need to be equipped with…

1. Skin Care: Ecollagen Wrinkle Power
If you want a flawless-looking complexion, start with clean and hydrated skin.

2. Hair: HairX Advanced Care Deep Cleansing Purifying Shampoo
For Valentine`s Day, you want your hair that`s “rich, smooth, and shiny”. How to: Shampoo and blow-dry your hair. Set your hair in hot rollers for 15 minutes. Brush out the curls and finish with a spritz of airX Advanced Care CC Hair Beautifier Multi Treatment Spray With 22 Benefits

3. Foundation: A-Z Hydra Cream
Because feeling Valentine`s Day-ready is all about having perfect, dewy-looking skin.

4. Lips:Giordani Gold Iconic Matte Lipstick FOREVER Red
A good tip for making red lipstick appear more modern is to take a tissue and pull it into two parts so that it`s really transparent. Then apply it over your lips and dust some powder over the top for a beautiful, velvety finish to your look.


Eyeliner is a must-have! Here is a technique…Make as much mess as you like and then use a cotton bud. You don`t have to be precise, just clean up the lines afterwards.

6. Nails:On Colour Nail polish 
Don`t forget to get a mani and pedi the day before.

7. Fragrance: Amber Elixir 
Don`t forget to switch your fragrance from day to night, depending on what you`re wearing. Pick something sensual and spicy.

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