Ocean-Inspired: the Essential Beauty Trend

There’s a new wave of beauty, fashion and wellness products that are inspired by the ocean. From SS16’s fascination with blue makeup, to the catwalk’s reflective textures, here’s how to wear the aquatic trend this beach-season.

Vitamin sea
Deep dive into skin cares elaborate marine ingredients including caviar extract, Pacific sea kelp and sea fennel, all boasting skin plumping capabilities. But with over 6000 varieties, algae are the most popular ingredients for delivering antioxidants to the skin. Red alga in particular, is known for drawing moisture into the skin to hydrate and sooth ­– it also fights off ageing free radicals. Think differently about seaweed now? 

Jewels Of The Ocean
From bags to dresses, this season is less nautical, more mermaid. Think silver and blue sequins, mirrored fabrics and shiny, textured materials.

Carbonated Cleansing
We all know that our skin care products are chiefly made up of “aqua”, also known as water, but in South Korea, there’s a new trend of cleansing skin with sparkling water. Advocates believe that the small bubbles of air are able to deliver oxygen deep under the skin. We think we’ll stick to drinking our fizzy water though, you?

Blue Wonders
As perfumers try to bottle the scent of summer holidays, sea salt is increasingly found at the heart of ocean-inspired fragrances. Take Domitille Bertier’s new eau de toilette for Oriflame, Blue Wonders. The perfumer created a unique molecule called Sea Elixir, based on extracts of a marine Alga, and peppered it with top notes of sea salt for a refreshing pick-me-up. She explains, “Blue Wonders is a purely aquatic feeling, blissful and relaxing.” 
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Sea Supplements
The human body can make most of the fats it needs by itself, but it’s unable to create Omega-3 fatty acids, essential fats, which it must get from food. The most popular source of Omega-3 comes from oily fishes like salmon. Another cult-underwater ingredient is spirulina, a blue-green alga that contains essential vitamins and amino acids.

Deep Blue
Blue is without a doubt this season’s must-wear shade. From dramatic cobalt eye makeup to aquamarine nail art, the catwalk’s confirmed that it’s a makeup bag essential.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images