The Perfect Present for Him

Perhaps you already know what you’re gifting the men in your family this holiday season, but what about the other men in your life? The friends, colleagues and associates that are harder to buy for? Our men’s editor Kirill Kutalov shares his tips for picking the perfect present for him.

Your Favourite Colleague
You work well as a pair and enjoy being together – he helps you with grammar, you point out weaknesses in his business plans. Even your boss thinks you’re a perfect match, but you know it’s just professional. But from 9am to 6pm you’re in one another’s company - and you deliver. You’ve been reporting quarterly growth, in spite of the tough financial times. To show you care, why not treat him to “North for Men"? Anti-ageing skin cream and balm for the eyelids is a great way to thank him for his hard work this year.

The (Almost) Boyfriend
You met via a social network, only to find out that you had lots of friends in common. You’ve been for coffee a few times. But you’re not sure if these are dates are not – you’d like them to be. You’re confused about where you stand. If he takes some more initiative (let’s be optimistic!) then make your feelings explicit. Gift him Posses – a cologne that bursts with notes of laurel and grapefruit.

A True Friend
He knows things about you, you wish he would forget. People say that you’re like a married couple. But what binds you, above all, is friendship. Boyfriends come and go, but he has always been the most reliable person is your life. The warm and rare notes of this Fragrance GG man make up the perfect gift for your best (boy) friend.

The One
You’ve lived together for many, years, but he still surprises you, revealing new sides of his personality; and so you take extra special care when buying a gift for him. For him and her, it has to be So Fever – because he is the best gift you’ve ever received, and you are his.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team