Top 3 Makeup Trends to Keep for 2017

Every year we see tons of makeup trends come and go. And 2016 was no exception. But as we move into the new year, we find that some trends are actually worth keeping. Here are the top three trends we can't get enough of!

Wherever we turn these days, we’re seeing lush, full eyebrows. And this is a 2016 trend that will stay strong next year. Contrary to the too-groomed, polished, and perfect-looking eyebrows, the on-trend brow is full, brushed upwards and slightly messy.

The essentials? Eyebrow gel or wax, eyebrow powder and a good eyebrow brush.

The natural makeup look has been on the up for years, but in 2016 it became a statement trend. We can thank celebrities like Alicia Keys and Kendall Jenner for embracing the “no-makeup” makeup movement, where “non-touring” triumphed over the heavy contoured look. Non-touring is all about dewy, glowy skin, and the use of makeup to achieve a natural look, rather than going for obvious drama.

The essentials? A luminous shimmer, BB cream, and highlighter.

A pretty pout continues to be all the rage in 2017. So, whether you’re into matte or shiny, red or plum, continue wearing your lipstick bold and bright! To make your lips become the facial focal point, we suggest you tone down the rest of your makeup a notch. A natural look goes well with luscious lips.

The essentials? Take your pick between the lip glosses, lip crayons, lipsticks and liquid lipsticks available!

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