Untangling the Science: The Power of Plants

It’s useful to have all the facts when it comes to choosing the right products for your skin. But we know that some of the scientific language might be confusing. We’re proud of our innovative use of plant stem cells – let us explain what they are and why they are so important!

What are plant stem cells?
Plant stem cells are special cells that are the source of a plant’s vitality. They are undifferentiated cells, which means they can transform into any kind of cell the plant needs.

Why are plant stem cells useful?
Under certain conditions (e.g. temperature, light) plant stem cells can produce specific phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are biologically active compounds that include antioxidants, enzymes, acids and peptides – all of which provide great benefits to your skin and body!

How does Oriflame use plant stem cells to create products?
After years of research, our scientists are now cultivating plant stem cells in the lab. We select plant species based on the potential anti-ageing effect of their phytochemicals, and culture the mother plants and their cells under controlled conditions – they can flourish as they would in nature!

For example, our new Ecollagen range uses plant stem cell extract taken from edelweiss. This mountain flower was specially chosen for its ability to guard the skin against signs of ageing. Plant stem cells contain powerful protective agents that help neutralise aggressors that cause skin ageing – we can harness this in our skin care products!

Is using plant stem cells sustainable?
We are constantly exploring new ways to innovate through science and bring the goodness of nature to our products in an eco-ethical manner. Using plant stem cells is highly sustainable and provides us with great variety!

Plant stem cells can regenerate to produce an almost endless source of actives – they keep themselves “alive” while also acting as a continual source of “parent” cells that can grow into roots, stems and leaves.

This makes them a sustainable source of natural active ingredients – in the lab, we can cultivate an unlimited supply of plant stem cells of almost any plant that we choose! Using plant stem cells also typically requires around 90% less water than traditional plant cultivation, as well as less energy, no pesticides, and all without monopolising precious agricultural land.

You can be confident that we are putting you and the planet first. From investigating ingredients to developing performing formulations, we have science at hand, nature at heart and you in mind!


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